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Featured | Optics + Opt. Materials | Components | Retrofit | Apr 15, 2017

ZORYA – Omnidirectional Retrofit Lenses from LEDiL

ZORYA is a unique LED optics design from LEDiL with around 340-degrees of light distribution. The whole lens is covered in small “spikes” that are basically individual optics in themselves. This innovative design – unlike anything seen before in LED optics – can harness all the light from any size LED and transform it into omnidirectional lighting that mimics a traditional light bulb beam pattern.

The bigger version of ZORYA-SC has a 55mm diameter and is made from optical grade silicone. High temperature resistance and an optical design that is adaptable to a wide range of different COBs allows compatibility with 6mm to 22mm diameter LES sizes. The ZORYA-MINI is a PC version of the same design with a 24mm diameter. Being that small doesn’t mean a lack in power or lumen output, vice versa. ZORYA-MINI supports LEDs up to 7070 size packages and can provide wide and radiant light distribution from a size that can be attached to E12 retrofit designs.

From a performance point of view these optics are state of the art. One ZORYA-SC is compatible with COBs capable of a luminous flux of over 10 000 lumens and the substantial amount of backlight in an efficient package takes your LED luminaires to a totally different level. This not only means all retrofit luminaires can now be fitted with efficient LEDs, but also new applications where traditional light bulbs could not be used – or were much more complicated to manufacture. ZORYA optics don’t necessarily need a separate dome structure on top and the bigger silicone version can be easily adapted for applications that require ingress protection. Made from PC optic, ZORYA-MINI is tougher than glass. With excellent color mixing capabilities and full compatibility with RGB LEDs, ZORYA-SC is also compatible with color mixing and tunable white light applications.

ZORYA-SC is installed using a twist and lock holder system allowing the lenses to be used with solderless connectors and provide quick and reliable fastening. The smaller ZORYA-MINI can be implemented as is to luminaire designs, or fastened with pre-assembled tape that LEDiL provides.

In the end these spiky looking incandescent optics can create uniform, energy efficient lighting capable of meeting EnergyStar standards. Both ZORYAs highlight LEDiL´s expertise in optical design and are an example of how the latest molding technologies can be used to create the lighting of the future. These incandescent optics are a perfect upgrade for retrofit installations and main applications being in decorative outdoor and indoor lighting.


With Finnish design expertise and global production, LEDiL is the leading optics supplier to the world’s premier lighting manufacturers. A selection of over 4000 standard and unlimited custom solutions combined with LEDiL’s “can do, will do” attitude ensures you find the product you need for your application. The global LEDiL sales network and technical support team ensure the highest levels of customer service and support. Please visit LEDiL® is a registered trademark of LEDiL Oy.


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