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Acal BFi Presents the New LightSpion - Measuring Light with Ease

The portable Viso LightSpionTM light measurement system, exclusive available at Acal BFi, enables you to fully measure any light source within a few seconds. Simply measure lumen, beam angle, CRI, colour temperature and lumen per watt with no expert knowledge required.

•  Weight: 5 Kg
•  Dimensions: 41x28x10cm
•  Power range: 90-280VAC
•  Maximum light source power: 3Amp (660W@220V,330W@110V)
•  Measures: Lumen, Peak candela, CRI, Colour Temperature, Lumen/Watt, power and Power Factor.
•  Wide lumen range: 10 lm to 10000lm
•  Maximum lightsource size: 80mm (diameter)
•  Pre-calibrated plug & play solution

Software specifications:
•  Compatible with: Windows 2000, XP, 7 32bit - 64bit
•  Save or email any measurements
•  Detailed power analysis with power scope
•  Automatic light gain control
•  Realtime spectra and power update for quick analysis
•  Attach one or more pictures to your measurments
•  Use web-cam to snap picture as quick reference

The system is comprised of a pre-calibrated full spectra spectrometer 360nm-830nm and a high precision goniometer giving full 360 ° photometric field distribution and furthermore calculates integrated CRI, color temperature and complete luminous flux in lumens. A build in high-speed 70K/sec sample power analyzer measures voltage and current instantly giving you precise power measurements including efficiency in lumens/watt.

The system comes with the “Viso Light Inspector” software that connects via USB to your computer. The user interface represents your data in clear and simple way and also allows you to drill down into the measurement’s details via a simple click.

The LightSpionTM even makes it easy to support new EU regulations (EU No 1194/2012) which requires that directional lamps are measured in a 90° or 120° cone, just select 90° or 120° degree and the measurements are automatically calculated accordingly.

Use your webcam or drag pictures and attach them to your measurement to make it easy manage and find your measurements. Any measurements can even be sent to any email at any time, which frees you from hassles such as loading files onto USB sticks. There simply is no lighter way to measure light than the LightSpionTM.

Add your own logo and export measurement to IES, LDT, PDF, PNG, or CVS data file giving you a complete measurement solution for exporting data to technicians and lighting designers.

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