Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 24, 2012

AvaSpec-RS Series - the World’s Most Configurable Microspectrometer

Avantes launches the world's first Miniature Spectrometer with an exchangeable slit. Available in April, this spectrometer makes you choose the right selection between throughput and resolution, every time you need to.

Miniature spectrometers are versatile, portable and well embraced by researchers and engineers worldwide. Until now the technology has not really supported customer demands for flexibility and configurability. Avantes introduces the first truly configurable miniature spectrometer that allows you to change your slit and connector on the go. In your laboratory, on the road: it only takes a screw driver to continue your measurements with a new set-up. Avantes new Avabench-RS enables a microspectrometer that is adaptable to your changing needs: whether you need higher throughput or higher resolution.

The Avabench-RS optical bench is the enabling technology for this technological advancement and is now available in all Avantes UV/VIS/NIR AvaSpec spectrometers. Based on our Ultra Low Stray light optical bench, this means you will get up to 5 times better stray light performance and exceptional thermal and mechanical stability.

The AvaSpec-RS series spectrometers are available with all the options the original models have: an extensive line up of different gratings, a wide choice of detectors, order sorting filters and collimating lenses.

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