Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 13, 2012

AZZURRO Offers Easy Migration to GaN-on-Si LEDs with 150 mm Templates

The easy migration of LED manufacturing to GaN-on-Si is described in a White Paper released by AZZURRO today. Utilizing the company’s 150 mm templates the advantages of GaN-on-Si can be gained after very short design-in times.

The White Paper outlines technical hurdles to be overcome when migrating to GaN-on-Si, covers key achievements possible when using the right technology, details the advantages for the move to GaN-on-Si obtainable with templates and shows development solutions to the LED epitaxy engineer. In detail data of GaN-on-Si products is revealed regarding very high crystalline qualities (EPD of 2x108cm-2), excellent homogeneities (< 4 nm wavelength distribution) and very low bow values (< 20 μm). Enabled by AZZURRO’s thick GaN-buffer as well as its patented and proprietary strain-engineering technology these achievements permit the full utilization of GaN-on-Si advantages. These include reduced binning due to superior homogeneities. Furthermore the large wafer diameter and low bow values allow the use of standard silicon processing lines which are offering cost breakthroughs for wafer processing and back-end manufacturing. In addition the advantages of using templates for the move to GaN-on-Si are covered as contributors for cost reductions, including better utilization of epitaxy reactors. Commenting on the huge cost saving opportunities, Dr. Markus Sickmoeller, VP Operations at AZZURRO Semiconductors said: “Our plug-and-play approach, supported by our application note and engineering support assures a smooth migration from the legacy materials towards GaN-on-Si with easy to process, larger wafer sizes in standard silicon processing lines at much lower costs.”

As part of easing the move to GaN-on-Si AZZURRO is delivering standard migration packages to customers which include dedicated engineering support from its team of experts. The White Paper is to support the LED industry’s move to GaN-on-Si and will be presented at the DTF 52 Taiwan held in Taipei on 13 th September. Starting today the White Paper will also be available for download on AZZURRO’s website.

About AZZURRO Semiconductors:
AZZURRO is a strongly growing semiconductor company and has pioneered the growth of gallium nitride on silicon substrates (GaN-on-Si). The customers worldwide are supplied with epitaxial wafers for LED and power semiconductor applications. The use of AZZURRO’s large diameter GaN-on-Si-wafers allows the industry to facilitate standard semiconductor production sites to allow massive cost savings.