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B&W Tek Provides a Quantum Leap in the Evolution of Miniature CCD Spectrometer Technology

B&W Tek, Inc., an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy and laser systems, is introduced the future of miniature spectrometers, that users are calling the first truly “smart” spectrometer. B&W Tek’s Exemplar™ is the first miniature spectrometer to include an embedded processor to allow for effortless on-board data processing, including averaging, smoothing, and automatic dark subtraction.

■ UV, Vis, and NIR: Spectroscopy / Spectroradiometry / Spectrophotometry
■ Transmission, Reflection, Absorption
■ Wavelength Identification
■ OEM Systems Integration
■ Multi-point Sampling
■ Reflected Color

■ On Board Data Processing, Including Averaging and Smoothing
■ Temperature Compensation for Ultra-low Thermal Drift
■ Ultra-low Trigger Delay (14ns) and Gate Jitter (+/-1ns)
■ Supports Up to 16 Simultaneous Channels
■ 1ms Minimum Integration Time
■ Automatic Dark Compensation
■ UV - NIR (200nm - 1050nm)
■ < 0.5nm Spectral Resolution
■ >2.0 MHz Readout Speed

In addition to these “smart” capabilities embedded directly into its compact form factor, the Exemplar embodies several other groundbreaking features that render it the only one of its class. Unprecedented speed, using “SuperSpeed” USB 3.0 communication provides data transfer of 900 spectra per second. Multichannel capabilities deliver an ultra-low trigger delay of 14 nanoseconds and a gate jitter of +/-1 nanosecond – specifications that are unmatched by any spectrometer currently on the market. The ability to control the CCD exposure time to within one microsecond allows the user to have unparalleled control over the spectra’s signal-to-noise ratio.

These advancements make this platform ideal for demanding applications such as high speed binning & sorting, reaction kinetics, and process monitoring. With the ability to support up to 16 simultaneous channels, the Exemplar is also the perfect solution for simultaneous multichannel analysis, such as multipoint sampling, and LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy).

“As part of our innovation strategy, we have developed a new class of modular spectrometers,” says Dr. Mike Kayat, VP of Sales & Marketing for B&W Tek, Inc. “The Exemplar is a small, compact and smart multichannel spectrometer platform that can be configured for flexible, high speed spectral processing. Our end user and OEM customers can utilize the onboard data processing and scalable, multichannel configurations to achieve simultaneous analysis at nanosecond accuracies, allowing them to unlock new applications never before thought possible. This new development is just one of many industry leading innovations that you can expect from B&W Tek in the coming year.”

The Exemplar is equipped with temperature compensation, a 2048 element detector, and built-in 16-bit digitizer with a >2.0 MHz readout speed. It is ideal for most UV, Vis, and NIR applications with spectral configurations from 200nm to 1050nm and resolutions between 0.5nm and 4.0nm. Custom configurations are available for OEM applications.

Exemplar customers will be able to take advantage of extended warranty plans, annual recertification services, preventative maintenance and other services.

For more information on the Exemplar smart spectrometer, visit:

About B&W Tek, Inc.:
B&W Tek, Inc. is an advanced instrumentation company producing optical spectroscopy, laser instrumentation and portable/lab grade Raman systems. We provide custom product design, development, and manufacturing for biomedical, physical, chemical, and research communities. Our commitment to innovating solutions makes B&W Tek, Inc. a leader in Raman spectrometer sales worldwide.


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