Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 23, 2011

BJB: Automation Premiere in Asia

BJB, the world’s leading manufacturer of components for the lighting and domestic appliance industry, had a successful premiere: The German company presented its automatic wiring systems for the lighting industry for the first time in Asia at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. The response from trade visitors was overwhelming. “Our expectations were more than surpassed. BJB Automation’s entry into the Asian market has been successful in every respect. The system exhibited at the fair was sold direct to a luminaire manufacturer from Malaysia and we are optimistic that further orders will follow,” sums up Olaf Baumeister, head of BJB Automation.

BJB has been exhibiting its products at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair for ten years. This time, to mark the anniversary, the German company did not only show connectors for LED lights and conventional lighting solutions, but also demonstrated the ADS ONE wiring system. This production cell has been designed as an entry-level model for automation and for the flexible wiring of smaller batch sizes. Olaf Baumeister: “The ADS ONE is so compact that it can be pushed straight into a container and transported without difficulty using a forklift. It is also very flexible and easy to operate. For companies which have not used automatic wiring systems before, this is important.”

Luminaire manufacturers throughout Europe have been working with wiring systems from BJB in various different sizes and specifications for a number of years now. In addition, BJB Automation’s customers include luminaire manufacturers from North and South Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Following the Hong Kong Lighting Fair, BJB now expects to see a sharp increase in demand from the Asian market. In contrast to Europe, economical wiring still plays a subordinate role with Chinese companies. “In China, companies have to contend with an extremely high staff turnover and a consequent instability in production processes. The reason why automated systems are interesting for Chinese luminaire manufacturers is that they ensure process stability. The ADS systems guarantee a consistently high standard of quality, and this is an important factor for the increasingly export-oriented Asian companies,” explains Hans Jörg Hagemann, BJB Sales Manager for the Asian region.