Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 08, 2013

Candeled Announces DALI Lighting Control Development & Evaluation Kit

Candeled’s new development/evaluation kit-in-a-case provides the ideal platform to educate, develop and demonstrate the advantages of DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) -based lighting control systems to LED Lighting scheme designers, engineers and installers, and to building managers and owners Bicester UK, October 3rd 2013: Ismosys has introduced a development-kit-in-a-case that provides the ideal platform for LED Lighting designers, engineers and installers to learn about and develop DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface)-based lighting control systems.

Developed by Ismosys Design Partner Candeled GmbH, the LDD-314 DALI development and evaluation kit can be used to simulate how LED light installations can be dynamically and flexibly adjusted over time or to suit the varying or evolving needs of a building. The kit can also be used to demonstrate the unparalleled performance, ease of installation and maintenance of DALI-based LED lighting scheme and just how easy DALI makes it for building managers and owners to achieve higher energy efficiency ratings.

The Candeled LDD-314 DALI Development/Evaluation Kit contains
•    LLE-314 Light Engine
•    LDB-314 LED Driver
•    LDM-1 DALI Master
•    All relevant software (supplied on a USB Flash Drive)
•    USB cable and plug-top power adaptor  
•    Quick Start Guide

According to Ismosys MD Nigel Watts, the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) provides simplified LED Lighting installation and communication, yet maximum control and flexibility: “Wiring is simpler and installation costs are lower,” Watts said. “What’s more, DALI technology together with Candeled’s innovative DALI development kit-in-a-case enables architects and designers to create high-performance lighting that is perfectly matched to the needs of the building’s occupants.”

Candeled’s DALI is development/evaluation kit-in-a-case is available to purchase from the Ismosys on-line store. Candeled’s DALI light engine (part# LLE-314) and DALI LED driver (part#. LDB-314) are also available for order as stand-alone items.

For further information please contact
Brian Harding, CTM Manager, Spectrum Electronics Group
Direct Office:   ++44 1869 276103

About Candeled GmbH:
Originally the lighting and home & building automation division of Scemtec GmbH, Candeled GmbH was established as a stand-alone company in 2011, Candeled offers specialist consultancy service in the fields of LED lighting and building automation in addition to conceptual embedded electronics design consultancy focussed on efficient application of the complex standard solutions that dominate the market today.

About Ismosys’ Design Partner Program:
The Design Partner Program is a key part of the Ismosys approach to the sales channel, where traditional representation services are combined with multiple added value services that include design, manufacturing and specialised fulfilment. Ismosys and its Partners in Design  provide a unique portfolio of service solutions to OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers from board and system design through to Field Application Engineering (FAE) support on behalf of silicon vendors. It is Ismosys’ mission to works in partnership with all business sectors to deliver exactly what the customer requires at any stage of the product – or company – development cycle.

About Ismosys:
Ismosys is the principal trading division of the Spectrum Electronics Group. Ismosys (International Sales, Marketing and Operations System) offers a new approach to the sales channel, combining traditional representation services with multiple added value services that include design, manufacturing and specialised fulfillment. The company developed it’s web portal in 2007.  The portal not only includes full details of all the companies represented held by Ismosys, but also welcomes inputs, partnerships and collaborations from other component manufacturers, product design houses, contract manufacturers, distributors, financial institutions and more.