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Convection Oven RO300FC for Aluminium Cores

The convection oven RO300FC of the Suisse supplier Essemtec AG is one of the world wide mostly sold oven for small and medium sized capacities of number of pieces. The oven heats by convection solely and is applicable for the various tasks in the SMT, especially for the reflow soldering of non-leaded solder pastes or for the hardening of adhesives.

In the customer service at the LED lamp manufacturer AUTEV AG the oven has demonstrated his abilities at soldering at an aluminium core.

The RO300FC had been repeated awarded and convinces by its very good price-performance ratio. Particularly, the small machine space is attractive for customers. “We very often sell the oven to customers, which are cramped in space. Here, the RO300FC offers very good possibilities. By this, particularly the performance parameter convinces, which is only rarely believed to be capable to an oven of this size by customer side,” states Wolfgang Stöllger, distribution region East-Germany of the Essemtec AG.  

With the dimensions of 2'000x710x1'200 mm, the RO300FC belongs to the smallest convection ovens, which can be used in line. It is favourable in purchasing and maintenance and can be used in productions with continuously fabrication efficient as well as in a lowest-lot production. The vertical hot-air flow reaches every place at the printing board. By the high air volume the warmth will be distributed to all components and the printing board even. Therefore, neither local overheating nor warmth shadows can occur.

The temperature of the hot-air will be measured and regulated single in every zone. By a curtain of air between the single heating zones an expected temperature profile can be adjusted exactly. “This had been important for our application, in particular and the RO300FC had fully convinced with it”, so Tim David, Head of Division Lighting/Business Development of the AUTEV AG. “With the oven we have managed it unproblematic to solder LED’s at our aluminum core printing boards. This is necessary as the LED’s are heat up extremely at operation in the final product. Therefore they are soldered on an aluminum plate, which functions as first heat sink.” explains Tim David the necessity of the placement at an aluminum core.

Since two years the AUTEV AG and the HarzOptics GmbH work on the development of an ecological compatible LED street lamp. With the AuLED, available from March 2009, the market for street lamps shall get revolutionized. The lamps show a distinct lower current consumption as customary sodium and mercury lamps; moreover they are special insect friendly because of the light pulsating and minimize the light-smog due to flexible adjustable LED wings. Present, the first demonstration plants will be installed.

For the non-leaded solder of the LED’s temperatures of 260°C over a period of 20 – 40 seconds are necessary. Especially at the solder the aluminum plate picks up to much warmth, which may prevent a strong connection of LED and aluminum plate. In this connection, it is especially important, that the oven provides the necessary temperature for the declared period.
„The performances of the oven are convincing. The test results of the Essemtec AG are reflected in the real application in our domestic. The oven is excellent suitable for solder of our LED’s at an aluminum plate,” summarizes Tim David the application of the RO 300FC up to now.

About Essemtec:
The Swiss manufacturer of machines Essemtec is leader in the branch of flexible production systems for the industry. Since 1991, Essemtec develops, fabricates and distributes equipments and machines for all processes of the electronic manufacturing: printer, dispenser, placer and solder systems. Manual, semi-automatic and full automatic systems are obtainable. Transportation- and storing systems are also belonging to the range of products as well as software solutions for the planning, simulation, optimizing and documentation of the fabrication. All systems of Essemtec are optimized on maximum flexibility. The user shall be able to changeover from one product to the next as quick as possible and to take the advantage from the production capacity optimal simultaneously. Essemtec - Be more flexible.

For more information see the product brochure: HERE

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