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Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 19, 2016

Corial Unveils a Cost-Breaker Platform for 6” Patterned Sapphire Substrates

Corial announces the general availability of an ICP process for sapphire patterning (PSS) on 6” wafers, to be used in high-volume LED production with the fully automated Corial PS200 single-module platform.

Patterned Sapphire Substrate is the standard in the LED industry to get brighter LEDs. Going back to 2009, Corial has been among the first companies to supply a stand-alone ICP system with etching processes dedicated to PSS application. Since then, Corial has continuously innovated to offer cost-effective solutions for LED production.

Based on a production-proven plasma technology, the Corial PS200 is a fully automated single module platform combining the highest productivity on sapphire substrates with excellent etching performances for PSS application.

Key advantages of the Corial PS200 platform:
•    High density plasma source providing best in class uniformity and process repeatability
•    Single wafer processing with Brooks elevator for front end cassette in vacuum load-lock and Brooks robot in vacuum transfer chamber for fully automated wafer handling
•    Production flexibility with extendable platform configuration (up to 3 process modules)
•    Soft mechanical clamping with helium backside cooling maximizing etching uniformity
•    In-situ plasma cleaning process for the highest process repeatability

Corial patterning process on 6” wafers has been tested and qualified by a major LED manufacturer in Asia.

Typical results for PSS on 6” wafers:
•    Average STD within wafer < 0.5
•    PSS height of 1800 nm ± 40 nm and PSS width of 2800 nm ± 40 nm
•    ≤ ± 1.5% etching uniformity (conical shape)
•    Throughput ≥ 2.5 wafers/hours

In close cooperation with customers, Corial's application engineers will develop the recipes that best match with the required specifications (PR types, PSS shapes…) - providing the best edge of wafer results and maximizing the process uniformity and repeatability.

For more information, please contact Florence Olivier at

About Corial:

Corial is a manufacturer of plasma etch and deposition equipment which contributes to innovation in wafer processing for the semiconductor industry. Corial addresses a range of endmarket applications including MEMS, LED, Advanced Packaging, Failure Analysis, and Wireless Devices. The technologies offered by Corial include RIE, ICP, ICP-CVD, and PECVD. With unique features such as precise process control for damage free etch, stress free deposition, or in-situ plasma reactor cleaning for the highest industry uptimes, Corial is committed to deliver the highest repeatability with the lowest cost of ownership. Corial equipment are designed and manufactured in France. Sales and support is provided worldwide through a network of 11 local offices and agents.


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