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Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 03, 2013

EJ Thermal's New High Power LED Reliability Test Systems Solution Offers Higher Precision Temperature Control and Flexibility

EJ Thermal Technologies Inc., a company following in the footsteps of the former EJ Systems Inc., a major supplier of high performance reliability test systems, has introduced a line of three new LM-80 qualified LED reliability test systems. The HyrdoTower, the Hydropac II and Hydropac IV systems are designed for use by LED manufacturing and packaging companies and are geared to to improve testing performance, flexibility, and temperature accuracy.

Talking points about HyrdoPac
•     Precision control of High power LED temperature during reliability testing.
•    Independent controlled multiple zones.
•    Modular design optimizes system throughput and system maintainability.
•    Highly adaptable system.
•    Easy access to product during test.
•    Each zone can be adapted for different customers LED PCB Assemblies.
•    Designed to be easily configured to specific testing and thermal needs.
•    Quadrant based design allows different devices types to be tested simultaneously on the same system.
•    Extremely small footprint and easily maintainable.

The HyrdoTower Tower is a self-contained pentagon shaped system which has of up to four independent precision controlled thermal platforms designed to elevate and control the temperatures of LEDs for reliability testing. The tower contains proprietary HydroFlo Amplifier technology that optimizes water flow to the system’s four thermal platforms. The HydroTower utilizes a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger that allows the user to connect to a facility closed loop water system, or a chiller or a liquid to air heat exchanger (Radiator-style).

The system allows LED manufactures to increase the efficiency in testing High power/High brightness LED’s and offers a high degree of flexibility. The systems’ modular design allows very precise temperature accuracy of  +/- 2 C, at a temperature range of 55-105°C.  
The independent temperature control of each thermal platform allows the system to be used for 4 separate purposes at the same time, such as burn-in, reliability testing, and engineering product development.

EJ Thermal has also introduced two new bench-top version called The HydroPac II-LM80 and HydroPac IV-LM80. The HydroPac II offers one thermal platform with two test positions and can accommodate power loads up to 3,000 Watts with a temperature range of 35-85°C (optional 105°C). HydroPac IV offers two independently controlled thermal control zones and up to 4 test positions, and can handle power loads to 6,000 Watts at 35-85°C.(Optional 105°C).

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About EJ Thermal Technologies Inc:
EJ Thermal Technology was founded by Elmer Jones, an award winning thermal control expert in the semiconductor burn-in and heat sink industries. Mr. Jones was a former Director, VP, & founder of the Burn-in Systems Div. of Wakefield Engineering. After Wakefield Engineering Mr. Jones founded EJ Systems, a semiconductor burn-in systems company, where he very quickly grew the company to be one of the dominant Burn-in manufactures in the world. At EJ Systems Mr.  
Jones pioneered award winning conductive heating and cooling solutions that changed the industries thinking on how to temperature control and test High Powered semiconductor devices. Mr. Jones expanded his patented technology to multiple semiconductor technologies and developed thermal techniques including high speed temperature cycling, stress testing and reliability testing for RF devices and modular power supply testing. Mr. Jones also developed new applications for extremely accurate forced temperature control for the temp cycling. After selling EJ Systems Mr. Jones went on to found D6 Industries, a company focusing on cooling solution for very high power industrial electronics and provides liquid coldplates, bonded fin heat sinks, thermal pads and other thermally conductive materials.
EJ Thermal Technologies concentrates on the design and fabrication of liquid cooled test systems. We have the ability to customize our standard systems to meet many demanding cooling needs. Our extensive knowledge and experience in high performance thermal design has enabled us to maintain an edge in thermal platform design.