Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 20, 2010

Essemtec Improves Its Semiautomatic Printers

Essemtec’s new stencil printers SP004 and SP150 print more accurately and are simpler to set up than their predecessors. The tabletop printer SP004 is a further development of the SP003, and the semiautomatic printer SP150 features a new option: the automatic electronic squeegee pressure regulation. Both printers will be on display at the upcoming Productronica 2009 exhibition in Munich this coming November.

Flexibility and reliability are important, especially for the production of small- to midsize series. These are exactly the areas where the SP004 and SP150 are more advanced than other products.

SP150 is a semiautomatic printer with vision, automatic position control and an integrated stencil cleaning system. The new electronic squeegee pressure regulation option allows the required pressure to be programmed as a software parameter instead of a mechanical preset. This option makes printer setup simpler and increases the printing quality.

The tabletop printer SP004 is the next-generation model of the SP003. The system has been completely overhauled and now features simplified printer setup: Everywhere now measures scales installed that enable current settings to be memorized. Additionally, the vision cameras are equipped with laser pointers and fast clamping systems. Within just a few minutes, the printer can be changed over from one product to another.

The SP004 allows printing with 20 µm accuracy and below. This is an extraordinary value for a semiautomatic printer and it makes it useful for fine-pitch and even ultra fine-pitch printing. To achieve this level of quality, the printer has been constructed to be very robust, rigid and torsion-free.

The system responsible for the separation of substrate and stencil after printing has been completely updated as well. Synchronous screws are now responsible for the controlled, exact parallel vertical motion. The speed of this motion can be set as well, ensuring that printed structures are precise even at ultra fine-pitch.

The SP004 printer is still equipped with the direct vision since the system requires no calibration: The vision cameras look straight through the stencil to the substrate. This is shifted beyond the stencil until the pads are centered in the stencil’s openings. With no further motion, the printing process is started immediately.

For larger series, operators will appreciate the opening and closing servo system. It allows the cover to be lifted easily with two fingers, even if a 9 kg stencil and frame are mounted inside.

The SP004 will find a wide application range in electronics production. Due to its excellent precision, repeatability and flexibility it is well suited for production with many changeovers and high-quality requirements. It can print onto substrates up to 410x395 mm in size and 0.5 to 5 mm in thickness. Stencil frames up to 23 x 23" can be mounted.

These two printers will be featured for the first time in hall A3, booth 358 the upcoming Productronica exhibition, taking place in Munich from November 10-13, 2009.

About Essemtec:
Swiss manufacturer Essemtec is the leader in the branch of flexible production systems for the industry. Essemtec has developed, fabricated, and distributed equipment and machines for all processes of electronics manufacturing — printer, dispenser, pick-and-place and solder systems — since 1991. Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic systems are available. Transportation and storing systems also belong to the range of products as well as software solutions for the planning, simulation, optimizing and documentation of the fabrication. All systems of Essemtec are optimized on maximum flexibility. Users can adapt from one product to the next as quickly as possible while simultaneously taking advantage of the optimal production capacity.