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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 16, 2014

GO-R5000 Full-Field Speed Goniophotometer

GO-R5000 is the type C Goniophotometer with rotating mirrors and photometer detectors. During measurement the tested luminaire keeps stable while the mirrors and photometer detectors rotates around it, so the most steady specified working state of tested luminaire can be achieved. GO-R5000 is widely applied for the measurement of luminous intensity distribution, total luminous flux, non-uniformity of luminance & colorimetric quantities and other photometric & colorimetric parameters of various type of luminaires and lamps, including street lights, indoor lights, flood lights, auto lights, signal lights, LEDs, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, HIDs etc. The File can be output in GOS, CIE, CEN, IES, TM14, LDT format etc.

Main Features:
•    Challenge the limitation of goniophotometry
•    USA, Germany and China Patent Issued
•    Multi goniophotometers in 1 facility by the multi detectors, it can realize near-field, quasi-far-field (optional) and far-field measurement as well as spatial luminance (optional) and colorimetric quantities measurement (optional)
•    National High-Tech program (863 Program) Research Achievement
•    Fully meets the standard requirements of EN13032-1, CIE70, CIE84, CIE121 and IESNA LM-79
•    Widely applied in NVLAP accredited labs

Main Functions:
•    Photometric Parameters: Luminous intensity curve, luminous intensity data, efficient light beam angle, isocandela diagram, isolux diagram, total luminous flux, zonal luminous flux, luminaires efficiency, utilization coefficient, maximum ratio of space to height, luminaire budgetary diagram, luminance limitation curves, glare grade etc.
•    The averaged and non-uniformity of colorimetric quantities and luminance can be obtained.
•    Electrical quantities: voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, harmonics, etc;

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