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Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 03, 2012

ILT Expands its Integrating Sphere Product Line

ILT manufactures a family of Integrating Spheres designed to meet the vast majority of your light measurement needs. Integrating Sphere diameters include 12", 10", 6", 4" and 2".

• Spectral range: 225 to 1400 nm
• Internally baffled to eliminate direct detector exposure and first-bounce measurements
• Wide variety of port sizes and configurations
• 12” diameter sphere opens for added sample handling convenience
• For use with ILT950 Spectroradiometer and ILT1700, ILT1400 Radiometers/ Photometers
• Typical applications: LED intensity/beam flux, laser power, beam candela, mean spherical candle power

ILT has been manufacturing integrating spheres for over 40 years. Our Integrating Spheres product line offers a versatile selection capable of measuring watts, lumens, candela, lux, joules, W/cm2 etc. Our integrating spheres systems support measurements from a wide variety of light sources including: lasers, fiber optic light guides, endoscopes, small sources such as miniature halogen lamps, LEDs, neon lamps and larger sources such as LED modules, flash lights, automotive lamps and more.

Our integrating spheres can be combined with our ILT1400 Hand-held and ILT1700 Research Radiometers, as well as with our ILT950 Spectrometer for spectral characterization including CRI, CCT, chromaticity, and total flux in watts, and power.

The interior surface of ILT's Integrating Spheres are coated with #6080 White Re‑reflectance Coating which produces a stable, efficient and highly diffuse reflectance over a broad wavelength range of 250-2500 nm.

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