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Improve Quality Control with Tagarno's Apps for Your Digital Microscope

Finding the right equipment for quality control can be time consuming. That’s why it is important to find long lasting and agile equipment. One solution is a digital microscope with qu

Among the apps developed by Tagarno are:
•    Image Comparison that allows the operator to compare a reference
     image of a golden sample with a recent sample from the production line
•    Focus Stacking that stacks images taken at different focus heights to
     create one ultra-sharp image with no blurred or out of focus areas
•    Tagarno Measurement application that enables the operator to perform
      on-screen measurements and add annotations and text to the image
      directly on the microscope
•    Watermark that allows the user to brand an image with a logo or
     confidential text. It is also possible to add date, time, field of view plus
     microscope name and serial number as an imprint on the image
•    Verification Lines that enables the operator to quality check an object by
     placing accurately calibrated vertical and/or horizontal lines as a layer
     on top of it

With a digital microscope from Tagarno, the user can purchase apps specifically developed to improve quality control processes for their microscope. This gives the operator access to the latest technology without having to invest in new microscopes all the time.

Capture and share images for improved collaboration:

With a digital microscope, you can easily capture and share images of your work - both with and without graphics on. The shared documentation material allows for improved collaboration with all supply chain partners and more efficient quality control.

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About Tagarno:

Tagarno's digital microscopes are used for visual inspection and quality control in a variety of industries worldwide. The user-friendly add-on apps enable the operator to customize their digital microscope and update it as needed to fit ever-changing quality control requirements.