Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

Instrument Systems Launches Advanced Development of the LumiCam 1300

Fast and reliable display measurements are a challenge in the field of production. The new Gigabit Ethernet interface enables the LumiCam 1300 from Instrument Systems to meet this challenge effortlessly.

The new camera achieves 30% faster measuring times than the previous version with the same measuring sensitivity. The new interface guarantees fast and particularly robust data transfer.

The integrated LumiCam Software 4.0 includes a new array of analysis tools which permit easy evaluation of the measuring results. For example, user-definable polygons can be used to optimize analysis of graphics for contrast and luminance in the foreground and background areas. Luminance distribution can be illustrated in an exceptionally informative 3-D visualization.

The precise position of color coordinates can be imaged in the newly integrated xy CIE diagram and presented in the test report. All calculated values can simply be transferred to Excel. User-definable Pass / Fail criteria also permit automated testing for luminance and chromaticity coordinates.

In addition to the Windows software described, Instrument Systems also supplies a Windows DLL and a LabVIEW driver for customer-specific programs, which permits easy integration of the LumiCam 1300 in automated test sequences.

About Instrument Systems GmbH:
Instrument Systems GmbH was founded in 1986 and is based in Munich, Germany. The company develops and manufactures precision instruments and systems for light measurement. These include high-performance array and scanning spectrometers. It also offers innovative solutions for imaging photometry and colorimetry. Instrument Systems focused at an early stage on LED and display metrology and has since developed into a worldwide leading supplier in these areas. Instrument Systems provides support for a global customer base with backup from a comprehensive network of representatives.For additional information on Instrument Systems products please visit or contact Ms \n Petra Jürgens This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .