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Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 27, 2008

Instrument Systems Launches DTS140 NVIS Display-Test-System

Instrument Systems – leading manufacturer of systems for spectoradiometric light measurement – presents the DTS140 NVIS as the latest generation of the company’s fast, CCD-based spectroradiometers with a proven track record worldwide.

These instruments are used for carrying out measurements on night vision compatible displays and panel graphics. The new DTS140 NVIS enables displays to be tested with a turnkey plug-and-play system that takes measurements fast within 30 seconds. This system is a sophisticated lower cost option that meets the SPECTRO 320 industrial standard. NVIS radiance can be measured using the DTS140 NVIS even at 0.5fL. Since polarization errors are only 0.4%, LCD displays can also be precisely tested.

The new DTS140 NVIS from Instrument Systems exceeds all the specifications in conformity with MIL-L-85762A / MIL-STD-3009. The measured values have outstanding correlation with traditional scanning spectroradiometers for LED and incandescent backlite panels. The test object can be very easily positioned and focused using the integrated view-finder camera. The Pritchard style optical design ensures perfect match between the view-finder image and the actual measuring spot. Automatic selection of four different measuring spot sizes (apertures) and an automated density filter wheel permit highly flexible and reliable handling.

The latest SpecWin Pro software for Windows XP and Vista is used for the DTS140 NVIS. The software enables measured values to be conveniently analyzed and documented in detail. SpecWin Pro delivers basic pass/fail reports and also carries out fully automated test and measurement operations in production environments.

About Instrument Systems GmbH:
Instrument Systems GmbH was founded in 1986 and is based in Munich, Germany. The company develops and manufactures precision instruments and systems for light measurement. These include high-performance array and scanning spectrometers. It also offers innovative solutions for imaging photometry and colorimetry. Instrument Systems focused at an early stage on LED and display metrology and has since developed into a worldwide leading supplier in these areas. Instrument Systems provides support for a global customer base with backup from a comprehensive network of representatives.
For additional information on Instrument Systems products please visit or contact Ms Petra Jürgens.