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Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 19, 2014

Instrument Systems Presents a Goniophotometer System for Angular-Resolved Measurements on a Large Scale

The LGS 1000 from Instrument Systems allows angledependent spatial radiation characteristics of large LED modules, solid-state lighting (SSL) products, as well as lamps and luminaires to be determined. The Munich-based company is presenting key upgrades for its largest goniometer system at this year's Light+Building fair in Frankfurt.

The LGS 1000 can be operated together with a photometer as a conventional goniophotometer or with a spectrometer as a high-quality goniospectroradiometer. This allows all important performance characteristics such as luminous intensity distribution curves, luminous flux, color coordinates and even color rendering index to be measured.

As an optional accessory, the newly developed luminous flux integrator allows the characteristics of lamps and luminaires to be determined in their required burning position. An added benefit is that the measurements can be taken faster and are more accurate. Furthermore, Instrument Systems supplies an innovative correction procedure for position-sensitive samples. If a low-maintenance measuring system with a compact footprint is a top priority, the LGS 1000 together with correction of the burning position provides a genuine alternative to a large and expensive rotating mirror goniophotometer.

Alongside the new accessory options, the basic version of the goniometer also offers an array of advantages. Accessible steps allow samples up to 2 m in diameter and weighing 50 kg to be easily mounted. Notwithstanding the robust dimensions, the LGS 1000 can still be accommodated in a laboratory with a standard ceiling height. The two synchronously controlled servo motors with precision angle encoders facilitate simultaneous movement with minimal vibration. The reproducibility of the sample positioning is smaller than 0.1° at nominal load.

The comprehensive SpecWin Pro software package offers easy evaluation and reporting of the measured data. Alongside a turnkey solution for electrical drive and measurement of samples, SpecWin Pro can generate the important IES and EULUMDAT formats for the lighting industry.

Additional information can be found in Instrument Systems' LGS 1000 Brochure

About Instrument Systems:
Instrument Systems was founded by Richard Distl in 1986. The company based in Munich is one of the leading players in light measurement. Instrument Systems is the hallmark for tailormade, turnkey systems to suit the needs and requirements of users. As a customer, you benefit from our innovative array and scanning spectrometers, and imaging photometers and colorimeters.
All major companies in the automobile and aviation industries rely on our measurement systems for testing illumination components and displays in vehicle interiors or cockpits. Instrument Systems has also been setting standards for the fast-growing LED industry for many years and delivers turnkey solutions for fast production tests in this sector.
Company headquarters, development, production, marketing and sales are based at our Munich location. Instrument Systems provides direct support for customers in Germany and a global network of experienced representatives looks after our international customer base. We now generate more than 75% of sales abroad.
The expertise and motivation of our employees are key factors in our success. Instrument Systems is a tech-based SME with strong growth based on the creativity, skills and commitment of our employees.
Instrument Systems powers innovation, quality and dependability. Customer closeness and professional advice are the focus of our actions.