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LEDGON-100 Determines Spatial Radiation Patterns from LEDs

Instrument Systems offers a full range of goniophotometers for analyzing angle-dependent optical parameters of LED and SSL products. This covers the entire value chain from single packaged LEDs through LED modules and light engines to large SSL lamps and luminaires.

The compact LEDGON-100 goniophotometer was specially developed for analysis of angle-dependent spatial radiation patterns from individual LEDs and small LED modules. The entire hemisphere can be measured in the forward direction of the LED. The angular resolution of 0.1° means that exact measured values can be obtained even for narrow-angled LEDs with a high level of reproducibility.

Combined with a spectroradiometer by Instrument Systems, all spectral parameters, for example color coordinates or color temperature, can be measured as an angle function . Particularly in the case of white LEDs, these parameters can undergo significant change depending on the observation angle. Knowledge of this characteristic property is extremely important for using white LEDs in illumination technology. The LEDGON goniophotometer can also be used for accurate determination of luminous flux and total radiant power. Measurement errors typical of integrating spheres (due to their geometry) are avoided.

The LEDGON-100 is operated using SpecWin Pro Software by Instrument Systems. Two control modes are available:

1. The sequence mode that allows the radiation pattern of the test specimen to be recorded for the two spatial axes (theta and phi) at equidistant angular increments. Parameters can be saved for subsequent evaluations.

2. The test series mode, which permits free definition of test sequences, i.e. measurements at any definable sequences of angular positions. Other add-ons of SpecWin Pro software together with appropriate instrumentation also permit current, voltage and temperature to be included in the goniometric analysis, as well as control and measured variables. For example, Keithley 2400 and Keithley 2600 sourcemeters can be easily installed as an add-on.

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