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Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 14, 2015

Mühlbauer Presents All-New LED Assembly Equipment “Reel to Reel Flip Chip” at LpS 2015

Mühlbauer presents its latest development of “Reel to Reel Flip Chip LED” at the LED professional 2015, a completely new technology which allows the production of LED light engines directly on a flexible substrate.

Key Features:
•    LED light engines are produced directly on flexible tape (-> from raw material directly to level 2 assembly
•    Reel to Reel production mode with only one machine from Epoxy, to Flip Chip LED, incl. SMD attach, curing and final
•    Saves up to 30 percent on production cost especially due to the now redundant gold wires and significantly
lowered costs of ownership
•    Easy handling and fast production process with up to 20,000 UPH

The light engine itself is manufactured by the latest Flip Chip technology. The system uses a high-volume Reel to Reel procedure, placing the flipped LEDs directly on the endless web material, i.e. onto the final design level 2 light engine. The integrative process is based on a wafer-level packaging (WLP) approach and consists of three basic steps: the bonding of LEDs (and other components like diodes, power control components, connectors), the
dispensing of the lenses or phosphors, and the final test.

In general, the “Reel to Reel Flip Chip LED” has several advantages over the current conventional technologies on the market. In the first place and most important, it saves up to 30% on the LED production costs. The cost savings are due to the now redundant gold wires, as well as to the significantly lower investment required by the production equipment. In the second place, the production process is faster and easier to handle. With up to 20,000 units per hour the systems are achieving significantly higher production speeds. Due to the Reel to Reel procedure, a lot of the current subassembly steps can be omitted.

The introduced technology is based on Flip Chip Reel to Reel, which has already been proven in Mühlbauer’s RFID division and is now adapted to LED applications according to customer requirements. In the RFID market, which is entering the high-volume phase right now, the leading topics are highest yield in combination with materials at competitive costs, thereby reflecting a similar situation to the LED market.

Visit Mühlbauer at the LpS 2015, Booth A 19, and get ready to explore a completely new LED assembly technology!

To learn more about the LpS, please visit

About Mühlbauer Group:
Mühlbauer is a global, independent manufacturer of turnkey production solutions for the ID, RFID, and Semiconductor Industry. With about 3000 employees and a world-wide sales and service network, Mühlbauer is in particular the leading supplier of production equipment for the smart label and smart card industry and enables clients the manufacture of any type of RFID labels, tickets and tags, contact and contactless cards, including ID cards and e-passports.