Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

New Concept for Spectral Measurement: Opsira Spectroradiometer SPR'3

The new conceptional design of our spectral measurement systems aimed at the development of a portable system for absolute spectral emission measurement from UV to NIR.

The scope of application of the SPR’3 system includes the measurement of light sources, lamps and optical systems within a wavelength band of 200 to 1100 nm. The measurement of the absolute spectral emission provides a very high accuracy for the measurement of monochromatic light sources, for example LEDs, as well. The measuring scale can even be enlarged and radiation prefiltered by an integrated filter wheel carrying any filter you choose. Spectrometer and absolute sensors form a compact unit. A USB interface provides for the simple data connection to any computer or laptop.

The total calibration information is stored on the sensor head. Thus the system can be operated by different computers. The robust system works without external optical fibre and therefore can also be used in a rough environment. The control and evaluation software was redesigned and offers a variety of analysis methods. Emission, reflection and transmission measurements round off the scope of performance of the  SPR’3 measurement system.

opsira GmbH delivers the SPR’3 unit completely calibrated and also provides the recalibration service.