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Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 04, 2010

OPTEK Technology’s Lab Delivers Custom LED Test Capabilities for OEMs

Providing design engineers of LED light engines with the ability to perform the precision testing required for uniform color temperature and intensity, TT electronics OPTEK Technology’s LED lab offers a comprehensive range of services and customized testing capabilities for the design and development of solid-state lighting applications.

Built specifically for the testing and analysis of LED light engines, OPTEK’s lab capabilities include 100% color temperature and/or intensity screening for the tightest binning specifications (CIE color coordinate testing with a repeatability of .002 with respect to X and Y; intensity testing with an accuracy of ±2%; and wavelength testing with accuracy of ±0.75 nm).

“Our lab’s ability to provide screening for LED binning smaller than ANSI standards enables our customers to deliver uniform color temperature and consistent color for applications where lighting aesthetics are critical,” explained Roland Chapa, OPTEK’s vice-president of Integrated Solutions.  “This level of precision screening and testing is vital for customers who require a specific color light associated with their brand or corporate image, and it’s a capability that typical contract manufacturers are unable to provide.” 

“Each piece of equipment in the OPTEK lab is designed to provide quantifiable and repeatable test results that establish long-term, stable reference points for LED design engineers and manufacturers,” said Mike King, product manager of visible LED assemblies for OPTEK Technologies. “We’re committed to maintaining our lab at the highest level of reliability, with all of our equipment calibrated to NIST standards.”  Recognized as one of the leading LED test labs in the industry, OPTEK’s facility earned the 2007 LED Journal INNOVA award.

OPTEK’s LED test lab includes the following advanced equipment for precision measurement and characterization of radiometric and photometric characteristics:
• Integrating spheres (1-meter and 6-inch diameter) to determine a light source’s correlated color temperature (CCT) and luminosity/total luminous flux (TLF).
• Radiation spectrometer system, consisting of a 6-inch integrating sphere, a goniometer to measure the spatial distribution of light visible to the human eye at a specific angular position; and an optical measurement system which meets CIE publication 127 conditions A & B.
• Luminous flux and wavelength test equipment to verify light output and spectral bandwidth.
• Infrared thermal imaging camera to provide data for optimizing thermal management of LED assemblies.
• Princeton Gamma-Tech Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) X-ray analyzer to provide data for failure analysis.

OPTEK’s solid-state lighting solutions are used extensively in commercial and institutional lighting including backlighting of displays, interior and exterior automotive lighting, general illumination, street and market lights, and many more specialty applications.

For a detailed list of OPTEK’s test lab capabilities visit:

For further information please visit:, or email the TT electronics European Sales Office at

About OPTEK Technology:
OPTEK Technology, a division of TT electronics, is a leading manufacturing and solutions provider for sensing and illumination covering the infrared, visible and ultraviolet spectrum; with standard as well as application specific products for a variety of markets, including, but not limited to office machines, industrial equipment, encoders, automotive electronics, military and high-reliability applications, medical diagnostic equipment and solid-state lighting.  Headquartered in Carrollton, TX, the company is ISO/TS16949:2002 and BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, as well as ITAR registered.

About TT electronics PLC:
TT electronics plc is a focused, global electronics group supplying leading manufacturers in the defense, aerospace, medical, transportation and industrial markets. The Group consists of five divisions:  Components, Sensors, Secure Power, Integrated Manufacturing Services and General Industrial each delivering technology, products and services to customers in target markets worldwide. TT electronics plc operates from headquarters based in Weybridge, Surrey, with more than 20 global manufacturing locations and more than 6,000 employees worldwide.
Additional information is available from our corporate website: