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Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 03, 2012

Oxford Instruments Introduced New PlasmaPro® 100 System

Oxford Instruments has recently launched the PlasmaPro 100 system, their latest generation etch and deposition tool, offering world leading performance. The system is ideally suited to many key market applications, including MEMS, HBLED, Semiconductor Electronics, Failure Analysis and Photovoltaics. It is an advanced, innovative system that has been developed by Oxford Instruments to address the exacting needs of Production users, who demand not only the very latest technological innovations, but also the superb customer support offered by the Company.

As an industry leading manufacturer of systems for plasma etch and deposition, Oxford Instruments constantly strives to improve and evolve its systems to provide the ultimate tool.

This latest system offers:
An evolution of PECVD hardware delivering step changes in deposition rate of high quality SiO2 and SiNx , with corresponding reductions in cleaning overhead
The latest generation of Cobra ICP source which delivers improvements in etch rate and feature control capability
Industry recognised robotic handler and capability,  strengthening Oxford Instruments position as a supplier of ‘Plug and Play’ hardware and optimised processes
Enhanced system control infrastructure and software interface that delivers improved diagnostics, reliability and serviceability for the customer

Providing a common platform for all Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology’s processes and technologies, the PlasmaPro 100 is a highly configurable system, with process chambers that are available as standalone modules or in cluster configurations.

“All our tools boast industry leading technology and automation that are well proven with over 90% uptime”, comments Senior Product Manager Ian McKinlay, “This latest product release offers genuine process improvements delivering excellent uniformity and high throughput processes on a range of applications. With access to our exclusive library of over 6,000 process recipes, built up over 25 years as a leading plasma tool manufacturer, our customers are guaranteed an excellent product with comprehensive, market leading backup.”

For more information on the R & D version please visit the PlasmaPro 100 for R & D microsite, or, for information on the production solution go to the PlasmaPro 100 for production microsite.