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Products, Materials + Tools | May 02, 2013

Radiant Zemax Announces the Release of its Near-Field Measurement and Imaging Colorimeter Systems

Radiant Zemax, a leading provider of light and color test and measurement systems and optical and illumination design software, today announced the release of its Near-Field Measurement System (NFMS) with its next-generation ProMetric® G family of imaging colorimeters. The NFMS system provides a cost effective and space efficient method to perform highly accurate near-field measurements on LED and other large light sources and luminaires. With this latest announcement, the ProMetric G imaging colorimeter combines with the NFMS system, enabling more flexibility, higher accuracy and higher resolution measurements.

“LEDs are becoming very common in both the general lighting and specialty lighting markets, and for these type of devices, accurate measurements of color and luminance are more important than ever,” said Allen Henley, Product Manager at Radiant Zemax. “The new ProMetric G imaging colorimeter combined with our industry standard NFMS system delivers the most flexible, accurate measurement system for both near-field and far-field characterization of modern LED lighting.”

Smart Technology™ Innovation at the Core of ProMetric G
ProMetric G is the first high-performance imaging colorimeter to use Smart Technology enhancements to improve both ease-of-use and measurement accuracy. With Smart Technology, the system is calibrated over many working distances and aperture settings, allowing a wide range of lighting devices to be accurately measured, with a single, compact system. This new capability with the NFMS system greatly enhances usability for creating near-field models, which are critical for lighting designers and architects who need the most accurate illumination models and ray sets available.

Near-field measurements provide rich insights into the lighting design that are simply not available with far-field systems and the addition of ProMetric G makes this the easiest, most accurate, and most compact system available. With NFMS, you can accurately calculate illumination distribution at any distance from a lighting source and generate industry standard IES files that are needed by lighting designers.

As with all our products, ProMetric G imaging colorimeters and the NFMS are supported around the world by Radiant Zemax's regional support staff and extensive distributor network.

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About Radiant Zemax:
World leaders in optics, lighting and display devices turn to Radiant Zemax for high value design, test and measurement systems that reduce costs, lower risk and shorten time-to-innovation. Radiant Zemax product lines include Zemax optical and illumination design software, TrueTest™ automated optical inspection for display systems, and ProMetric imaging colorimeters, photometers and light source measurement systems. Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Radiant Zemax delivers optics, light and color technology leadership, service and support to clients around the world.

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