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Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 04, 2013

Sharp „LED Evaluation Kit” - Evaluation of Mega Zenigata LEDs

With its “LED Evaluation Kit”, Sharp has developed a new powerful marketing tool for the Mega ZENIGATA which allows customers to easily test the Sharp LEDs for later use in the desired application. The evaluation kits are available for all power output classes of Mega ZENIGATA LEDs (15 W, 25 W, 35 W, 50 W). The “LED Evaluation Kit” includes not only the desired Mega LED ZENIGATA but also all the necessary accessory components, such as mechanically prefabricated heat sinks, thermal paste, and the appropriate power supply, so that the customer can quickly test the LED in its desired application. As technical assistance, each kit comes with a short instruction manual for installation.

Whether lighting manufacturers, lighting planners, lighting designers and architects - the new “LED Evaluation Kit” provides all who deal with innovative LED lighting concepts on an in-depth basis the opportunity to implement different solutions with Sharp Mega Zenigata LEDs and to gain insight into the new technology with an in-field test.

„With the new LED Evaluation Kit, we want to let our customers themselves experience the potential the new Mega Zenigata LEDs have to offer. Because nothing convinces a customer more of a product than the product itself,” explains Marc Linnert of Sharp Microelectronics.

The Mega Zenigata COB LEDs are characterized by high light quality and high performance in a compact form. They are excellent for both road and object lighting outdoors as well as for indoor applications, such as the use in lamps and ceiling lights.

The Mega Zenigata evaluation kits are available for all power output categories in the 3000 K colour temperature and with a CRI of 90 +. They may be directly from Sharp upon submission of detailed project information.

About Sharp Microelectronics Europe:
Sharp Microelectronics Europe, Hamburg, Germany, is a divisional company of Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH, which is a subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, Osaka, Japan. Sharp is a worldwide developer of core digital technologies shaping the next generation of electronic applications and products. With a portfolio of more than 2,000 components in the ranges of TFT LCDs in screen sizes up to 108 inches, high brightness white and colour LEDs, optoelectronics, CCD and CMOS camera sensors, photovoltaic components, RF-, IC- und LSI-components as well as advanced packaging and integration skills Sharp Microelectronics Europe offers groundbreaking solutions in particular for applications in automotive electronics, mobile / communications technology, industrial automation, TV- and consumer electronics, e-signage and LED based lighting technology. Sharp is dedicated to the improvement of people’s lives and environmental protection through the use of advanced technologies. Technology and product development at Sharp is strongly determined by innovation, quality, usability and saving of resources.