Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 10, 2011

Tower Automatic Storage System Increases the Flexibility of Production

Variosystems, the international electronics manufacturing subcontractor, manages thousands of components for its customers and assembly jobs. Until recently the component storage has required big efforts. Today, the Tower automatic storage system from Essemtec simplifies logistics and increases the flexibility of the production. Component reels and trays can now be stored locally in production.

For several months Variosystems has been testing the Tower storage system in production. Opened component reels and trays were not returned to the main storage any more but kept within the Tower. With this concept, logistic effort could be minimized, feeder setup time could be reduced and the flexibility of the production could be increased. Based on the positive experience and savings the decision had been taken to automate the complete component stock and move it into production.

Variosystems implements multiple Tower automatic storage systems from Essemtec. The Tower protects components from ESD, humidity and high temperatures while they are not set-up on feeders. It features a controlled dry climate wherein components with MSL classification can be stored even without dry packs. Storage and retrieving of components is simple, fast and fully automatic.

A tower offers storage space for 546 reels. For more storage capacity multiple towers can be clustered. The system includes software for stock management and consumption tracking. Retrieving of components is just-in-time when they are needed for feeder setup. The access time for every component is only 8 to 12 seconds.

The Tower can reduce component storage and management costs in small or large production. It shortens access and handling time, avoids unnecessary baking of MSL classified components and it can save masses of MSL and ESD protection packing materials.

About Essemtec:
The Swiss machine manufacturer Essemtec is a market leader in manufacturing flexible production systems for industrial users. Essemtec has been developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment and machines for all processes in the electronics industry since 1991: printers, dispensers, pick and place and soldering systems. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems are available. The range of products also includes transportation and storage systems, as well as software solutions for planning, simulation optimisation and documentation of manufacturing. All Essemtec systems are optimized for maximum flexibility. The user can switch from one product to another in no time, thus making maximum use of the available production capacity. Essemtec - Be more flexible.