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ULTRIS Q20 - The New Hyperspectral Video Camera with Ecellent Data Quality, Flexibility and Speed

Cubert's new ULTRIS camera was developed based on the light field technology. The camera features an Ultra-HD CMOS sensor with 20 MP, which makes ULTRIS the imaging spectrometer with the world-wide highest resolution. During image acquisition the object is recorded with a multitude of images, each with its own optical bandpass filter with different center wavelength.

The camera provides a native image resolution of 400 x 400 px with 100 spectral channels, continuously covering the wavelength range from 450 nm to 850 nm, acquiring 160,000 spectra simultaneously, non scanning.

The 12-bit sensor of the camera makes it possible to detect minute intensity differences in the spectral content while keeping the noise level very low. The dual GigE camera interface guarantees an image frame rate of 6 Hz.

ULTRIS S20, with it's 410g is one of the most leightweight cameras on the market, making it ready for an easy handling on board UAVs. ULTRIS Q20 was designed to fulfill the requirements of an industrial enviroment and can be used with a ruggedized housing for IP 65 or IP 68 enviroments. Therefore it is ideal for industiral applications like sorting, process control and QS, as well as for scientific applications in agriculature, forestry, soil sciences and many more.

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About SphereOptics:

Founded in 2003, SphereOptics is a highly technically focused company serving the following areas of photonics:
•    Manufacturing, refinement and calibration of optical materials and standards for
     diffuse transmission and reflection
•    Distribution of test & measurement instruments for measuring the color and
     brightness of light sources and displays (e.g. Goniophotometer, Integration
     sphere systems and Imaging colorimeters)
•    Distribution of portable field spectroradiometers, industrial Infrared cameras, 
     hyperspectral cameras for remote sensing applications and handheld FTIR
     sensors for the spectral range 2 µm to 15 µm
•    Test & measurement service for lighting technology
Since the formation in 2003, SphereOptics' goal has been to be much more than just a supplier of advanced equipment. SphereOptics' mission is to serve better. The technical experts are always standing-by when it comes to discussing standard or customer specific solutions in the areas of lighting technology, optical measurement service and remote sensing. In addition SphereOptics offers Photonic workshops and seminars. SphereOptics is ISO 9001 certified. All calibrations of reflection and transmission standards are traceable to PTB and NIST. -


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