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Westboro Photonics Announces Photometrica® version 7.5

Westboro Photonics, a leading manufacturer of imaging colorimeters and photometers for the analysis of displays and lighting and the publisher of the Photometrica measurement and analysis software, announces the release of Photometrica version 7.5.

Some of the New Features/Enhancements in Photometrica 7.5:
•    Electronic control of lens focus and iris
•    Measurements can now be taken at any working distance, even for virtual images in headsup, AR and VR displays. Users can set the focus through the software, and accurately have the distance to the virtual image reported.
•    New defect characterization tools to detect mura, Black Mura and light leakage in displays
•    Faster measurement and computational algorithms
•    More analysis tools including automated character and symbol detection

Photometrica 7.5 further enhances the most powerful and sophisticated measurement analysis software by providing easier methods to focus, preview and analyze measurements. The revised electronic lens control improves the speed and accuracy of setting the lens focus and iris.

The software’s extensive and powerful tool set identifies and quantifies the amounts of light and the color of objects using spatial and data driven techniques. These methods are used by leading laboratories and manufacturers to analyze AR, VR, flat and curved information displays of all types including automotive and avionic cockpit instruments; backlit keyboards; lamp beam patterns and visual scenes.

Unique to Photometrica is a multi-measurement architecture which enables convenient display and comparison between measurements of objects under different conditions. For example, a measurement document may contain display measurements at multiple gray levels, or different temperatures of a room at different times of the day.

Customization and Automation

For most measurement applications, Photometrica provides all the control and analysis capabilities required in the lab. For partly or fully automated applications, the Photometrica SDK provides scripting and customization capabilities as well as an interface to core processing functionality for equipment and measurement control (using Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB, C#, C++, and more). Customization can include user-defined windows employing any number of controls, such as labels, number edit boxes, sliders, drop-down menus, buttons, graphs and tables. Each control can be associated with scripts to perform a set of actions in the software.

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About Westboro Photonics:

Westboro Photonics is a privately-held company founded in 1994, and is an industry leader in light measurement equipment and software. Westboro Photonics publishes Photometrica to analyze optical and illumination systems using their imaging photometers and colorimeters. Photometrica streamlines the display analysis process by providing a powerful set of display analysis tools, an intuitive interface, advanced utilities, and seamless interoperability with other programs through its SDK. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at