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700nm, 740nm, 770nm and 805nm LED for Medical Applications

Alpha One Electronics (Japan) launches high reliability LEDs with specific peak-wavelength which is suitable for a light source for medical instruments and/or analyzers. LED whose peak-wavelength is in the range from 700nm to 810nm is crucial to detect the components of body, such as iris recognition, vein authentication, projection to scan the body, analyzer of the body fluid including blood components. In recent years, such LED has attracted considerable attention to analyze the brain, so-called “light topography”.

Alpha One introduces 5.0mm dia. molded LED with λP 700nm, 740nm, 770nm and 805nm.  The other packages with lens (different viewing angle) are also available.

λP805nm is especially the most indispensable wavelength for the medical use.  AL805C-M1 is 5.0mm dia. Molded LED with very narrow beam angle (θ1/2: ±12deg.), which performs high output power of 15mW (IF=50mA).  The hermetical sealed type, AL805MM, radiates the excellent parallel rays (θ1/2: ±5deg.) with output power of 8.5mW (IF=50mA).

By utilizing the long-term experience and technology in this market, Alpha-One also offers the following services.

Selection Service:
Alpha One accepts the request for the precise selection of the particular wavelength and/or optical power.  For instance, we ship the products after selecting the peak-wavelength at 805nm±5nm and/or the optical power with specific minimum value.

Customized multi-wavelength LED:
By combining LED chips with the different peak-wavelength in one package, Multi-chip LED is also available according to the specific customer’s requirement.

We have a lot of experiences to supply the LEDs which met the specific requirement and received many words of praise from the customers not only in the field of medical industry, but also many others.

FAX:  +81-46-292-7113


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