Products, Materials & Tools | Nov 25, 2010

Achieve Efficient Driving Circuit Design in LED Lighting with Custom EdiPower®II Series

Edison Opto, a leading high power LED package manufacturer in Taiwan, offers custom design options to its EdiPower®II series. Base on various application requirements, the multi-chips EdiPower®II package can be adjusted in total power, operating current and driving voltage of choice.

Standard EdiPower®II includes four types of model: 4~6W, 8~15W, 16~24W and 30~50W. The custom EdiPower®II package can be designed to allow flexibility in adaption to different power source driven parameters such that the package can enable operation in high voltage. This kind of specific package not only simplifies the power circuit needed to drive the package, but also enhances the power circuit efficiencies.

Power circuit design for the custom high voltage EdiPower®II series is especially easy and cost-effective. Through proprietary LED package process and experiences, the efficiency of the package can reach up to 120lm/W; while the power circuit solution can also yield higher efficiency for less heat is being generated by the difference in power loss associated with voltage drop from input source to LED package.

Custom high voltage designed EdiPower®II is ideal for application together with integrated circuit design within luminaries or light bulbs. For the generated heat from circuit can be reduced, the integrated heat-sink would result in higher heat capacity and dissipation. Heat from LEDs would sustain longer lifetime for reduced temperature generated from the power circuit. Number of applications for EdiPower®II include down-light and retrofit light bulbs.

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