Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 19, 2010

Acriche Achieves a High Luminous Efficiency of 150 lm/W

Seoul Semiconductor, a world leading LED manufacturer has announced that Acriche, which is made by its own patented technology and driven by an alternating current power source for household or industrial use, achieved a luminous efficiency of 100 lm/w in February, the company began to put the product into mass production in April and it also recently succeeded in achieving 150 lm/W.

The mass production of 150 lm/W is scheduled to begin by the end of the year accelerating the replacement of halogen lamps, incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lighting with LED technology. The European Union’s legeslation banning the sale of incandescent light bulbs of more than 100 watts from September 2009 and future steps to ban all use of inefficient conventional electric lighting are being seen as a turning point for LED adoption.

Acriche is the world’s only semiconductor light source that can be driven by a alternating current power source without the need of an AC-DC converter. This ability to operate without the use of a converter results in a significant reduction in energy losses and additional cost savings compared to standard DC LED technology, Acriche also offers a reduction in the enviromental impact of lighting, reducing carbon dioxide emissions without a compromise in brightness or quality of light. Due to these advantages, two of the world’s largest lighting companies already have products, for lighting applications, in mass production using the Acriche, In addition, more than 100 companies are beginning to utilse the Acriche in various applications. This latest development in technology has enhanced the reputation of Seoul Semiconductor as a world leader in environmentally friendly LED manufacture, by rapidly accelerating the development alternative soultions to conventional lighting.