Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 26, 2013

Alpha-One: Reflective Mirror Type LED AOP1-8505P3 (λ P850nm)

Alpha-One, a leading Japanese LED supplier, provides new small and compact LEDs with high light output intensity levels by using a special packaging technology. Especially model No. AOP1-8505P3 λP850nm, with a viewing angle of ±7°, has a larger LED chip inside for an approx. 6.0x6.0x3.0mm package. This device has an extremely high intensity level of Ie=340mW/sr (at IF=100mA). It can be operated by IFP=Max. 2A (Pulse width≦0.55ms, duty 1/60).

This unique device is very suitable for applications demanding strong IR lights such as IR illuminators of high speed CAMERAs and security cameras.

Reflective mirror type LEDs are also available with other wave lengths between λP470nm  to λP940 nm by changing its LED chips.

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