Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 21, 2010

CITIZENs New Product Release at LFI2009 in New York

Citizen will showcase new and upgraded products at Light Fair International 2009 in NY. In an annoucement Citizen pointed out their improved high CRI(Ra85) products.

Wide variation of high CRI(Ra85) range:
• CL-L251 series: MR16 replacement  *3000K/3.15W/Ra85/215lm
High-output packages with efficient heat release and excellent reliability. Plenty of color options is available in the 3W and 6W classes.
• CL-L102 series: Upgraded to 104lm/W
The shape is the same as the conventional CL-L102 series products. The product lineups with numerous variations meets respective needs.
• CL-L233 series: Highest lumen as 1335lm with 100lm/W
Excellently reliable high-power package with highly efficient heat release mechanism. Highly efficient (100 lm/W) package with as much as 13 W of high wattage (1335 lm).
• CL-824 series : Best uniformity for linear light solution
The 1608 size package equipped with reflector. Flexible design is allowed to meet the needs. Suitable for light source bars and digital signs.
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