Featured | Components | CoB LEDs | Oct 25, 2017

Cree CMA LEDs Provide Best-in-Class Lumen Output and Efficacy

Cree’s new XLamp® CMA High Current LED Arrays provide the industry’s best lumen density and efficacy for metal-based COB LEDs. CMA LEDs deliver up to 2 ½ times the lumen density of Cree’s Standard Density CXA2 LEDs. The new CMA LEDs are compatible with existing CXA2 holders and optics, enabling lighting manufacturers to boost lumen output with minimal redesign. CMA LEDs feature a new innovative metal COB technology that delivers higher reliability than competing metal COBs.

“Cree is an outstanding partner for LED lighting because of their customer-focused innovation,” said Andrea Gallucci, head of optics & electronics at Artemide. “Since the new High Current CMA LED Arrays are compatible with the Standard Density CXA2 LED family, we can easily deliver more visual impact while maintaining the same optics options and color quality choices that our customers are looking for. These new CMA LEDs will speed up the pace of performance enhancements within both our iconic and innovative luminaire designs.”

The CMA LED Arrays feature a new innovative metal COB technology that delivers higher reliability than competing metal COBs. In addition, the CMA LEDs can be mounted directly to the heat sink, which eliminates the need for holders, simplifies the luminaire manufacturing process and reduces system cost.

“Through relentless innovation, our scientists achieved fundamental technology breakthroughs that significantly improve both the light output and the lumen maintenance of our new CMA LEDs over currently available metal-based COB LEDs,” said Dave Emerson, Cree LEDs executive vice president and general manager. “Only Cree delivers excellent lumen density and reliability that customers demand through both ceramic and metal COB technologies.”

The CMA LED family includes five LEDs with light emitting surface (LES) sizes ranging from nine to 23 mm to address a wide variety of applications. Featuring Cree’s EasyWhite® bins, the XLamp CMA LED arrays are available in 2700K-6500K CCTs with standard color options of 70, 80 and 90 CRI and premium color options that include high fidelity (98 CRI) and specialty color points.

Product samples are available now, and production quantities are available with standard lead times. Please visit www.cree.com/cma to learn more.

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