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Cree CXA High-Density LED Arrays Deliver Unmatched Lumen Density To Unlock New Lighting Applications

Four new Cree LED Arrays redefine the possibilities for high-intensity LED lighting applications. These Cree® XLamp® High-Density LED Arrays – CXA2590 (15,500lm/19mm), CXA1850 (9,000lm/12mm), CXA1520 (4,000lm/9mm), and CXA1310 (2,000lm/6mm) – double the light output of existing CXA LED Arrays without a size increase, delivering new levels of light intensity, enabling the complete replacement of ceramic metal halide (CMH) light sources and applications that could not be previously addressed,

“The beauty of these new high-density LED arrays from Cree is that they are helping us bring products to the market that currently don’t exist,” said Mike Wang, vice president, lighting engineering, Edison Price Lighting, Inc. “Never before have we been able to harness such a large amount of light in such a small package, which can help us improve our lighting designs and address a number of applications that we previously could not.”

By emitting more than 15,500 lumens from a 19 mm light source, the CXA2590 LED Array enables luminaires with the same center beam candlepower (CBCP) and light quality of a 150-watt CMH light source at lower power, longer lifetime and with better control. Delivering more than 9,000 lumens from a 12 mm light source, the CXA1850 LED Array enables lighting solutions with the same CBCP and light quality as 70-watt CMH while using half the power. The CXA1520 LED Array delivers more than 4,000 lumens from a 9 mm light source, enabling lighting manufacturers to create a new generation of products that delivers the same intensity and light quality as 39-watt CMH at up to 50% lower power. The CXA1310 LED Array provides more than 2,000 lumens in a 6 mm light source, which allows lighting manufacturers to design smaller, more efficient track lights, reduce the size of halogen replacements by half and deliver twice the CBCP of CMH at 30 percent less power.

“The high-density LED arrays from Cree are extremely impressive,” said Kenny Eidsvold, president, Intense Lighting. “We are looking forward to using these products in applications requiring very high center beam candlepower that previously could not be achieved with LED-based solutions.”

Cree continues to lead the industry by offering the largest portfolio of integrated LED arrays, and the only portfolio of high-density LED arrays. Having multiple size and lumen output options from the extended CXA product family helps lighting manufacturers address a wide range of lighting applications from small form factor halogen and CMH, to sports and stadium lighting. Lighting manufacturers can also take advantage of the CXA’s ability to increase light output without increasing size.

“Having access to such intense light sources without having to account for lots of variation in size is a tremendous benefit to our product design process,” said Seok-Ki Park, CEO, Hwang-Duck Engineering Co., LTD. “We have the flexibility to increase our design options while protecting our investment in ongoing product development.”

Offering the industry’s best color consistency for designs that use only one LED, Cree XLamp CXA LED Arrays are characterized and binned at 85°C, available in ANSI White and EasyWhite® color temperatures (2700K – 6500K), and CRI options of 70, 80 and 95. Samples of all three new high-density LED arrays are available now and production quantities are available with standard lead times.

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