Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

DOMINANT White and Warm White LED SPNovaLED-1 Watt at 80lm and 50lm

DOMINANT going offering higher brightness white and warm white LED in SPNovaLED-1 Watt product range. With an operating current of only 350mA, this new generation of single chip LED able to achieve 80lm/w in cool white and 50lm in warm white.

This corresponding to 20% increases in brightness compared with our standard 1-watt SPNovaLED. With the new definition for color bin as also flux binning, it able to achieve a better homogeneous illumination even in demanding lighting solution.

Designed with small footprint (6.0 x 6.0mm), wider angle illumination and extremely low thin profile of only 1.5mm, this is suitable for various lighting solutions that requires the maximum possible light from the smallest of sources such as street lighting, tunnel lighting, display lighting and channel lighting.

The color temperature for cool white is from 4500k to 10000k while for warm white is from 2670k to 3500k. Its solder pad same as SPNovaLED product range and suitable for standard solder processes.