Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 20, 2010

Edison Opto Expands its Product Portfolio with the New, Linear Type LED, EdiLine III

Through continuous model advancement, Edison Opto has introduced EdiLine III for enhanced adaptability and robustness.

Power (W) 1W 3.5W
Figures edi_lin31.jpg edi_lin32.jpg
Forward Voltage (V F ) 10.0V 10.0V
Forward Current (I F ) 100mA 350mA
Available CCT 1 Cool White 2 Neutral White 2 Warm White 2 Cool White 2 Neutral White 2 Warm White 2
Flux 3 (lm) 100 80 70 330 260 230

Data of the new EdiLine III (1 Please refer to ANSI C78.377 binning; 2 Cool white: 5,000K~10,000K; Neutral White: 3,800K~5,000K; Warm White: 2,670K~3,800K; 3 Subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the official datasheet).

EdiLine III is available in two types of packaging – 1W and 3.5W. The 1W device is measured at 41.25 x 4.0 x 0.8mm, with luminous flux of 100 lumens at cool white; while the 3W device is measured at 95.6 x 5.6 x 0.8mm with luminous flux of 330 lumens at cool white (CCT: 5,000~10,000K).
• Linear Packaging Design
• High Efficiency
• Low Power Consumption
• Long Operating Lifespan
• Easy installation with screws
The linear structure design of EdiLine III results in an easier heat dissipation requirement, making versatile fixtures design possible as well as an overall cost saving benefit.
EdiLine III is the ideal substitute for various lighting applications, such as fluorescent lamp, table lamp, desk light, commercial, and indirect illumination or decorative lighting application.
About Edison Opto:
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