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Edison Opto’s Products Reveal Perfect Color Saturation

When it comes to LED lighting products, high efficiency, excellent luminous flux, and great color presence become the prime concerns. Especially for color rendering, most people would only know CRI, which can reveal colors of the given objects with the natural light source. To meet people’s desire of better color metric, another color metric was developed in 2015. The new metric is TM-30 which was proposed by IES. Due to awareness of this trend, Edison Opto also produces new COB series, which can meet the high standard of TM-30.

CRI can show more accurate colors of the given objects when the value is higher, but it failed to present the different level of saturation between objects because it merely determines fidelity which is also called Rf. With only eight color samples, CRI needs the higher value to show more accurate colors of the objects. Unlike CRI, TM-30 has ninety-nine color samples which can represent most common colors in human being’s daily life. In addition to Rf, TM-30 also contains Rg, which measures the change of gamut. Higher level of gamut can be referred to increased saturation; on the contrary, the lower gamut means the less saturation. Therefore, with this new color rendering technique, people can use the LED light to show more vivid color of the objects.

Edison Opto is also aware of this new color measuring metric, so the corporation adopts TM-30 in its new COB series. Edison Opto is well-known for producing LED components, AC modules, automotive LED, and LDMS designs in perfect quality to meet consumers’ need. Implementing TM-30 into the new COB series, Edison’s products can be broadly used in the retail shops, clothing stores, museums, or supermarkets for the perspective of more vibrant and bright colors of commodities. As one of the pioneers in Taiwanese LED lighting market, Edison always follows the latest trend for the sake of customers’ all kinds of lighting demand.

More Information about the company and our products can be found at www.edison-opto.com

About Edison Opto:

Edison Opto has established the headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan since 2001. Edison Opto is specialized in designing and producing high-power LEDs. In order to satisfy customers’ high standard requests for quality, Edison Opto established a LM80 approved laboratory which is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Edison Opto creates the LDMS service program which can provide customized professional design and production services. Edison Opto has established factories in Dongguan and Yangzhou. Besides, in order to expand the service domain, Edison Opto has established a subsidiary in USA. Edison Opto provides customers with complete product support and prompts delivery services.


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