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Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 28, 2014

Esidon Opto Combines ANSI BIN Group with MacAdam Ellipse Enhancing the Color Consistency of Luminaires

In order to provide comprehensive sales service and enhance the capacity utilization of PLCC, the Taiwanese LED manufacturer, Edison Opto, initiates to combine ANSI BIN group with the concept of MacAdam ellipse and subdivide the color temperature into 9 subgroups. The new BIN group is conducive to inventory management. Also, the packaging sales service which is provided by Edison Opto is more convenient to customers’ product selection.

Take 2700K for example, Edison’s new BIN group is to subdivide the color temperature into 9 subgroups (the outside of 5-step MacAdam ellipse are 27A, 27B, 27C and 27D; the section between 3-step and 5-step MacAdam ellipse are 27S, 27T, 27U and 27V; the inside of 3-step MacAdam ellipse is 273). Customers can mix components from different BIN groups to attain the desired color temperature (for example, we can mix 27U and 27S in 1:1 ratio to control the color temperature within 3-step MacAdam ellipse) so that the products which are off-center can achieve the goals of color consistency and CCT control.

The new PLCC BIN group can not only control color temperature more precisely but also enhance the capacity utilization. Moreover, Edison Opto can provide customers the mix BIN service at a preferential price and help to improve the color consistency of luminaires.

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About Edison Opto:
Edison Opto has established the headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan since 2001. Edison Opto is specialized in designing and producing High-power LEDs. In order to satisfy customers’ high standard requests for quality, Edison Opto established a LM80 approved laboratory which is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Edison Opto creates the LDMS service program which can provide customized professional design and production services. Edison Opto has established factories in Dongguan and Yangzhou. Besides, in order to expand the service domain, Edison Opto has established subsidiaries in USA and Germany. Edison Opto provides customers with complete product support and prompt delivery services.