LEDs | Components | Aug 18, 2017

euroLighting Starts Sample Delivery of LED with Sunlight Similar Spectrum

EuroLighting has take over the European sales rights for sunlight similar LED from the Korean manufacture ALLIX and started with the samples delivery of such LED chips. They are available now in many package sizes and in COB.

The chip LEDs with the sunlight similar spectrum are patent protected in Europe, Korea, USA and China by several patents. The new LED is available in two series: Xenoled I and Xenoled II. The difference between both series is, that Xenoled I is using a blue chip as basis and different phosphor colours. These SMD chips have a high CRI up to 98 and a high RF value up to 96 and no blue spikes.

The series Xenoled II are produced on the basis of violet chips and with several phosphor colours. They produce an excellent sunlight similar spectrum and reduced dangerous blue spikes. The Xenoled II can be offered with highest CRI value up to 99 and RF values of 98. Both component series are available in COB and all SMD package sizes. Xenoled I are especially usable for shops who request true colours: bakery, vegetable, fruits and so on, also cosmetic shops, beauty salons and photographic applications.

Xenoled II is suitable for the illumination of museums and art galleries, because of missing the blue wavelengths (bleaching the colours on pictures) as well for medical and chirurgical applications. The pictures show, how different is the spectral power distribution of standard LED compared to the new invention of sun like similar light spectrum from Allix.

About euroLighting:

euroLighting GmbH from Nagold, Germany, focuses its sales and development activities on driverless AC technology. The LED modules in new AC technology are suitable for installation into any type of lamp and no longer require a conventional power supply.
Its range of products also comprises a multitude of modern LED lighting elements, including LED street lamps, the replacement of mercury vapour lamps (HQL lamps) through built-in modules, universal LED tubes for conventional and electronic ballasts, and LED area luminaries to replace square louvred fittings. All products are available in the new AC technology.


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