Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 26, 2010

EVERLIGHT announces worlds smallest surface mount, high-power LED

Everlight EHP-C04 is a surface mount, high-power LED with the smallest 2.04x1.64mm dimension among the industry. The typical DC current is 350mA for 40lm/W and the max current 1A for pulse mode.

EHP-C04 offers industry-leading SMT mass-product process and creates possible lighting applications such as camera and mobile flash light, torch light source, and various decorative lighting.

• Feature of the device: small package with high efficiency
• Color coordinates: x=0.31, y=0.31 according to CIE 1931
• Typical color temperature: 6500 K
• ESD protection
• Soldering methods: SMT
• Grouping parameter: total luminous flux, color coordinates
• Typical luminous flux: 40 lm @ 350 mA
• Optical efficiency: 37 lm/W
• Thermal resistance (junction to sink): 32 K/W (measured at Tj=80°C , IF=350 mA DC mode)
• The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version
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Established in 1983, Everlight Electronics plays a critical role in the history of Taiwan LED industry. With a leading Taiwan LED market share in 2006, Everlight Electronics was far ahead of the second place. Facing the competition from worldwide, Everlight Electronics’ excellent performance still shines in global market.

The brilliant performance of Everlight Electronics lies in its mastering certification, R&D, production, quality, marketing and other core capabilities. In contrast with its colleagues, Everlight Electronics holds the edge in production and so is highly demanding for it. In the area of R&D, Everlight Electronics makes efforts to strengthen its next generation LED technology, which includes improving the brightness and efficiency, exploring new application market products, and ensuring its intellectual properties. Everlight Electronics establishes bases all over the world to provide prompt service and delivery. LED future applications comprise markets for illumination, LCD backlight and automotive lighting. With outstanding capacity for manufacture, Everlight Electronics will further expand its territory to meet the rising demand from the global LED market.