Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

Evident Technologies Launches Nanotechnology-Based LED Products

Evident Technologies Inc. announced the commercial availability of its evidot LED products based on semiconductor nanocrystal technology. Whereas traditional LEDs are available in a limited set of standard colors (blue, green, red, etc.), Evident’s new products enables LEDs to emit any color, including high-quality white light.

“This nanotechnology breakthrough enables us to make LEDs of any color without requiring complex electronic controls, liberating the end-user or designer to dream up many new applications,” stated Clint Ballinger, CEO of Evident Technologies. “The limitations of designing a product around the existing, traditional colored LED are removed.”

Applications that could utilize this new product line include signage to make specifi c brand colors, LCD backlights to increase display color ranges, and high color rendered white LEDs in a wide range of color temperatures. The new products are available in lamp-type or surface mounted LED packages.

“As the world becomes increasingly mindful of the need to conserve energy, LED use has grown tremendously,” said Dave Duncan, COO Evident Technologies. “Now we are bringing new colors to these effi cient light sources.”


Absolute Maximum Rating (Ta = 25°C)

Item Symbol Value Unit
DC Forward Current IF 30 50 mA
Pulse Forward Current IFP 100 120 mA
Reverse Voltage VR 5 5 V
Power Dissipation PD 120 120 mW
Operating Temperature Topr -30~+85 -30~+85 °C
Storage Temperature Tstg -40~+100 -40~+100 °C
*Pulse width max. 10ms Duty ratio max.1/10
About Evident Technologies:
Founded in 2000, Evident Technologies develops and commercializes technology based on semiconductor nanocrystals. Evident is one of the fi rst companies to commercialize products based on semiconductor nanotechnology and has launched commercial products in LED and lighting, military and life science markets.. For additional information on Evident Technologies, please visit