Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

Extensive warm white LED portfolio for general lighting

Lots of different whites - Demand for warm white light for general lighting continues to be high. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors can supply LEDs to meet this demand.

Its range in-cludes not only high-flux light sources such as Golden Dragon and Ostar but also light emitting diodes that offer more subtle light such as Power TopLED and Advanced Power TopLED. All are available in different white tones and they all provide impressive color stability throughout their long lives.

The most powerful LEDs – the Ostar LEDs – provide an extremely pleasant warm white light, giving rooms a comfortable welcoming atmosphere. They comprise six chips, with the option of a matching lens. The 2 cm x 2 cm high-flux LED with lens provides 410 lm at 2700 K, 460 lm at 3000 K and 520 lm at 4200 K, in each case from an operating current of 700 mA. Their power input is 15 W. The OSTAR there-fore operates at levels similar to those of halogen lamps and can be used for exam-ple in reading lamps.

Because the brightest LED is not always the best solution in general lighting applica-tions, OSRAM offers LEDs in different output classes. Brightness is only one factor; others include the size and design of the luminaire and therefore also of the LED. Measuring just 3.4 mm x 3.4 mm, Power TopLEDs for example are much smaller than Ostar and are not as bright, producing 2.9 lm at 2700/3000 K, 3.6 lm at 3500 K and 4.1 lm at 4200 K. They will fit in the smallest luminaires however, consume less energy at an operating current of 30 mA and cost less to purchase. With their subtle light they are ideal for decorative lighting, for example for starlight canopies and for contour, effect and stair tread lighting.

For applications that call for a luminous intensity and size between those of the Ostar and Power TopLED the Advanced Power TopLED and the Golden Dragon are per-fect candidates. Whatever the application and whatever the design considerations there are appropriate LEDs in the required white tones. If these different white tones are mixed even more lighting moods can be created.

The new white tones bring typical LED benefits such as high luminous efficacy, long life, small dimensions and low energy consumption to general lighting. There are as many possible uses as there are different LEDs, ranging from domestic and shop lighting to decorative light.

Warm white LEDs are also used in various LED modules from OSRAM.