Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 26, 2010

Golden DRAGON® with lens for general lighting

Depending on the lens used, the new Golden DRAGON® from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a strong light source for medium or flood beam characteristics with white or colored light.

The special feature of this LED is that it makes it much easier to construct luminaires and therefore opens up a much wider range of design options. Minimal dimensions will inspire luminaire designers to create exceptional products for accent lighting or as reading lights that consume only a few watts.

With a 20º or 40º beam characteristic - depending on the lens - the high-power LED is ideal for accent lighting, spotlights, reading lights or desktop lights. Even with their integrated lenses these light sources are less than 1 cm high, giving designers almost unlimited options. The lighting area can be split, with small multiple dots of light inspiring some unusual designs. The available white tones cover the entire spectrum from cold white to warm white. Red, yellow, blue and green Golden DRAGON® LEDs with 20º or 40º lens add to this creative freedom.

Not only are these light sources a designer's dream, they also consume very little energy. A Golden DRAGON® with a 20º lens for example has a typical brightness of 60 lm at an operating current of 350 mA and achieves an efficiency of 54 lm/W. The LED achieves a luminous intensity of 155 cd.

LED type
(350 mA, 1.12 W, 6500K)
Typical brightness (lm) Typical efficiency (lm/W) Luminance (cd) Luminance per watt (cd/W)
Golden DRAGON® 20º 60 54 155 139
Golden DRAGON® 40º 60 54 81 72

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