Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

High–Power White LED Knocks Down General Illumination Barriers

The exclusive, new VIO™ high–power white LED from Lumination, LLC, GE Consumer & Industrial's LED business, uses proprietary violet–chip technology to produce less than a 100–Kelvin color shift over a 50,000–hour rated life.

Its minimal color shift overcomes many of the inherent color control issues of standard blue or red–green–blue LED devices. Lumination's VIO LED also provides high efficiency at warmer color temperatures, as well as flexible color temperature and color–rendering options.

Lumination scientists create VIO high–power white LEDs by combining 405 nanometer violet chips with a proprietary blend of phosphors. The VIO violet chip operates at a higher efficiency wavelength than blue LEDs. Phosphors applied to the hemispherical lens of the VIO LED convert its violet wavelength to white light. VIO LEDs are offered in 3500K and 4100K color temperatures that can be used in many standard fixtures designed for general illumination applications.

"The availability of Lumination's VIO high–power white LED is a significant milestone on the path toward general illumination with GE–quality LEDs," comments Kraig Kasler, vice president of marketing, Lumination, LLC. "Our investment in this major new product underscores the commitment we made earlier this year to pursue global distinction in the general illumination market. We think our violet–chip technology offers the best available control of color shift in white LEDs."

Oftentimes, LEDs used in fixtures produce glare or bright spots. The use of multiple point sources in fixtures (e.g., several LEDs grouped together) has the potential to produce multiple shadows. VIO LEDs eliminate such distractions. High–power, 4–watt VIO LEDs distribute diffused light more evenly over a 180–degree beam angle.

The color of Lumination's VIO high–power white LED is so stable that its light can be used with confidence as a replacement for traditional general illumination light sources.

"With this new product, we're ushering in a new era for lighting fixture OEMs and designers," notes Kasler. "Incorporating LEDs in a lighting scheme is more than a novel approach or smart move from an energy standpoint. Based on its performance, our VIO LED is a real alternative light source that will maintain a consistent appearance over a period of years."

Potential applications for VIO LEDs include general (pendant, sconce), commercial (task, display), landscape (pathway, in–ground) and architectural (wall wash, marker.) lighting. VIO performance options include:

  • 70 CRI or 85 CRI
  • 1 watt or 4 watts
  • 3500K or 4500K (3000K available late '07/early '08)

Additional product benefits include:

  • 70–percent lumen maintenance;
  • 50,000 hours at maximum operating board temperature;
  • Chip–on–board package improves thermal management;
  • Simplified, tight color binning +/– 200–kelvin for full distribution and +/– 100–kelvin for sub–bins;
  • Plug–and–play connection for manufacturing simplicity, no soldering required;
  • Convenient thermocouple measurement point on board for design validation accuracy;
  • GE reliability with robust ESD Class II rating; and
  • Mercury–free, RoHS compliant LED.

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