Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 25, 2014

Honglitronic Launches Flip-Chip Packaging LEDs X-CHIP 2016 for Backlighting

Under the rapid growth of backlight products, Honglitronic has launched its new LED model “X-CHIP 2016”, high power versions of 1W and 3W LEDs with ultimate cost effectiveness. It is designed for various backlight applications, especially TV backlighting, tablet panel backlighting and flashlight of cell phones etc.

•    Flip-chip packaging, 2.0mm×1.6mm×0.8mm
•    High power versions of 1W and 3W LEDs
•    main color gamut range is 0.275±0.025/0.245±0.015
•    High lumen efficacy, max lumen output reaches 210lm

•    save almost 20% of backlight source costs
•    Ultra-thin outline design, wide emitting angle
•    faster heat dissipation, compact size and high lumen efficacy

Key Applications:
•    TV backlighting
•    Tablet panel backlighting
•    Flashlight of cell phones etc.

X-CHIP 2016 adopts advanced Flip-chip packaging technologies; with its ultra-thin outline design, it has advantages of wide emitting angle, faster heat dissipation, compact size and high lumen efficacy. Moreover it features massive advantages in respect of shortening the production process, increasing the yield, whilst also upgrading reliability and prolonging the operation lifetime.

Honglitronic provides premium quality LEDs for its customers, utilizing some of the leading white light packaging technology available to China’s LEDs industry. Considering the continuous cost-down demands from the market, we developed this superior price performance LED X-CHIP 2016, which reduces the package thickness and can save almost 20% of backlight source costs. The main color gamut range is 0.275±0.025 / 0.245±0.015, max lumen output reaches 210 lm and it is also RoHS compliance.

Honglitronic will achieve mass production of LED X-CHIP 2016 in Q2 2014, with further expansion of the production capacity following soon after.  

About Honglitronic LED:
Honglitronic, China’s leading white LED package manufacturer, is actively using "R&D based” production techniques, to promote development ideas, whilst simultaneously providing high-quality LED packaged products, that achieve cost-optimization, product stability, long life and advanced luminous efficacy. With over 100,000 square meters of state-of-the-art LED packaging facilities, Honglitronic’s production capacity and delivery service has unparalleled advantages, whilst our professional sales & marketing teams, provide customers with cost-effective products and comprehensive solutions for a vast selection of application areas.
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