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Products, Materials + Tools | May 31, 2016

Honglitronic Release New Flip-Chip SMD Series Products

China white LED package leader: Honglitronic (300219) releases new flip-chip SMD series products; The company has achieved the breakthrough of PCT and EMC materials flip-chip technology; We also apply the automatic dot to dot & automatic dot printing technology and we have achieved the automatic mass production of flip-chip products, which make us enter the new era of flip-chip SMD LED.

Honglitronic flip-chip SMD products technology advantages:

(1) Break through high temperature bottleneck, solve the problem of second time re-flow soldering at customer's side

(2) Good thermal conductivity design, with lower thermal resistance

(3) Able to stand high current, higher power available

(4) No bonding wire, without no-light NG by breaking bonding wire, high reliability

(5) Package cost not higher than DFP(dual flat package)

(6) Automatic dot printing technology, scale production, higher efficiency

 The main promoted models of this new series are PCT2835 series and ES3032 series; Its advantages: high powerhigh reliabilitygood thermal conductivity designno bonding wirewithout no-light NG risk make the products very suitable for general lighting as well as backlighting field.

Figure: PCT2835 (left), ES3032 (right)

Compare Flip-chip SMD LED devices with traditional SMD LED devices, Flip-chip SMD LED can be seamless alternative and has significant advantages.

 1Able to stand high temperature,  able to pass the second time re-flow soldering

2With low thermal resistance, flip chip products with better thermal conductivity design.

 3、Compared with other types of the same size, the flip-chip product has higher current impact and power performance.

 4、Without wire breakage, the flip-chip product has better reliability and high lumen maintenance.

 5、With automatic dot printing technology, the scale production efficiency is high.

In order to meet the customer demand for higher quality and higher reliability LED lighting products, Honglitronic continuously improves its LED products .The new flip-chip SMD series products will be displayed in the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in June (Booth No. Hall 10.2 C02).