Products, Materials + Tools | Jun 04, 2013

HPLighting’s Full Series of UV LEDs by Patented QMC Technology Platform

Based on the unique copper substrate technology, HPLighting has passed the Energy Star LM-80 test and has successfully developed COB LED ranges from (3.0~50W) for all lighting applications.

More excitingly, HPLighting is taking a giant step forward using such patented and state of the art QMC (Quartz Micro-Lens Cu Substrate) technology and launching an unprecedented worldwide campaign, showcasing the customized (365~410nm) UV LED package for all curing、printing、exposure and sterilization applications.

All series UV LED product detail includes H44 UV LED (4.4mm x 4.4mm @700mA 3W/ @ 1200mA 5W)、H99 UV LED (9.0mm x 9.0mm @700mA 9W/ @1200mA 15W) and UV COB LED( 20mm x 20mm @100W/150W/180W).

Some breathtaking highlights of HPLighting UV LED series include such as industry-leading power density、excellent heat conductivity efficiency via Cu substrate and different viewing angels (30°/ 60°/ 120°) by Quartz Micro-Lens technology, which provides clients great scalability seamlessly and applicable with any length arrangement and product mixes for the best performance、uniformity and highest peak irradiance (Up to 16W/cm2). Due to compact package surrounded by metal substrate and quartz lens, it is easy for users to clean up UV LED module which possibly is contaminated by the evaporation of printing ink and curing glue when operating for long period time.

HPLighting also offers *Custom-Made* UV COB LED packaged modules and optical simulation services to meet clients’ need and desire matching their own mechanical and power supply design and ultimately developing the optimal and multi-functional UV COB LED curing lamps.
Backed by our unique and specialty UV LED packaging and comprehensive product lines, HPLighting has become the world-leading UV LED packaging and module manufacturer. In the meantime, HPLighting will continue its effort in R&D for more advanced UV LED related packaging and product launch with the best CP ratio for our clients. The ultimate goal is to speed up the replacement of UV lamp and to increase the penetration rate in the near future.

About HPLighting:
Taiwan HPLighting is a professional LED manufacturer and focuses on the mid-high power LED design, packaging (Copper Substrate) and module manufacturing.