Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

In this light, NOCTRON has finalized another two of its developments and proven through qualified 3rd party testing that they are ready for mass production.

Saving energy has become a global issue and reducing the power consumption of lighting is a common goal. Exchanging incandescent Light against CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) is only a bridge to the future lighting technology known as LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting or Solid State Lighting (SSL).

Though heavily promoted, CFL lighting solutions are limited in their design, energy saving and application potential. In addition CFLs are still toxic. Meanwhile NOCTRON like other members of the lighting industry is working extensively on future lighting solutions to outperform therefore replace current lighting technology.

Free Standing Transparent Linked Chips:
• The "Free Standing Linked Chip Technology" provides transparent chips interconnected on a wafer with large connecting pads allowing high reliability bonding and heat dissipation.
• As the technology is new, a special measuring set-up had to be engineered to allow comparisons. The testing and measurements were performed by the Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin (Germany).
• The key results are that the NOCTRON’s linked chip (LC2) can generate at 200 mA forward current (or 1.23 W of power) a total 115 lm of white light (94 lm/W) at room temperature. At 60 mA, the output per Watt reached 120 lm.
• In general the performance of NOCTRON’s LC2 is expected to be with 200 mA above 100 lm/W and will improve as the chip technology continuously optimizes the efficiency of the linked chips.

Light Panels:
• The "Light Panels Technology" is based on acrylic panels laminated with a light diffusion coated foil. The panels can be edge-lit with light-rails (f. e. populated with linked chips) or with any other appropriate light source (SMD-LED’s; encapsulated power LED’s, CCFL’s). In addition a special version of the transparent chips light-rails can be incorporated in groves at the backside of the panels.
• The NOCTRON light panel technology has many significant advantages compared to existing technologies: Low production costs, large panel sizes can be built, any pattern from solid areas to complex images can be used, color areas can be handled, non planar shapes can be built.
• The key results of the measurements are that NOCTRON’s bare light panels with 50 x 50 cm have a light transfer rate of more than 80% and it is expected that the light transfer rate on larger panels will be more than 85%. This outperforms by far everything that is currently available on the market.

The two technologies offer a new approach to LED-lighting applications. They have intrinsic performance and cost advantages compared to established technologies. They enable numerous new and original applications.

In 2007 NOCTRON SOPARFI S.A., entered into a joint venture agreement with a Chinese Holding Group and established the ZHEIJANG ALTRASUN OPTO-ELECTRO Co. (“ALTRASUN”) for the design, production and sale of products based on NOCTRON’s technologies.

NOCTRON will now set-up a panel production in Europe and will start producing panels in the 1st quarter 2009. And, a new Chinese factory called ALTRASUN will be built in ShangYu (China) with a plan production date starting in the 2nd quarter 2010.

NOCTRON is an innovative high-tech electronic and optical devices company. NOCTRON is working on inexpensive energy saving solutions as alternatives to incandescent and compact fluorescent technologies. Website:, E-mail: