Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 28, 2009

Innovative LED Array Technology to Displace High Volume Conventional Light Sources

Bridgelux, Inc., a leading supplier of energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) technology, today announced the introduction of a LED array product line which provides high performance, compact and cost-effective light sources for solid-state lighting (SSL).

The Bridgelux LED Arrays have been specifically developed to provide lamp and luminaire manufacturers with a solution that will simplify system level integration, further reducing the system cost. Typical applications include task, accent, spot, track, down light, wide area and security lighting. This global market is currently estimated by the Next Generation Lighting Industry Alliance (NGLIA) to be about $40 billion. Bridgelux estimates the market potential for LED lamps and luminaires, alone, to be approximately $10 billion per year by 2012.
The Bridgelux LED Array product suite is designed to deliver comparable performance to standard incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. The LED Arrays range from 400 to 2000 lumens and are offered in warm, neutral and cool white color temperatures. Additionally, the LED Arrays offer improved energy efficiency, lower maintenance cost and elimination of hazardous materials, such as mercury or lead found in traditional lighting technologies—all while delivering a uniform, high quality light source. Bridgelux’s LED Arrays are RoHS compliant and are tested and binned to an ANSI/Energy Star compliant binning structure.
“Bridgelux’s innovative packaging technology not only offers a light source that can be seamlessly integrated into a luminaire, but also delivers increased usable light through a simplified thermal design,” stated Jason Posselt, Bridgelux director of marketing. “These products have been designed with the end application in mind, focusing on delivering both the quantity and quality of light required for general lighting applications together with an ability to significantly reduce the cost of light. We believe that the Bridgelux LED Array technology will enable our customers to optimize their overall system design, greatly reducing their SSL manufacturing costs.”
Bridgelux controls all of the core LED technologies from Epi to packaging—enabling the Company to deliver the innovative light sources that its customers can easily integrate into their lamp and luminaire designs, reducing system cost and accelerating time-to-market. The Bridgelux LED Array product breaks through the cost barrier dramatically improving the lumen per watt per dollar performance of the light source.
“This product launch represents a significant milestone achievement in line with the company’s commitment to deliver high quality, energy efficient lighting solutions,” said Mark Swoboda, Bridgelux chief executive officer. “Lamps and luminaires that incorporate LED lighting sources will play an increasingly important role in our effort to reduce overall carbon footprint by minimizing energy consumption and eliminating the use of hazardous materials. Bridgelux is a leader in providing next-generation LED lighting products replacing the traditional bulbs being banned by governments worldwide.”

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