Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 22, 2010

Kingbright Presents Cool Radiance SMD LEDs

Kingbright Corporation presents its newly engineered Cool Radiance SMD LEDs (AT5050 package) powered with high performance and robust reliability.

Despite its compact design (5.0mm x 5.0mm) with wide viewing angle of 120°, the product achieves high intensity illumination up to 80 lm @ 350 mA (1W series), up to 30 lm @ 150mA (0.5W series), optimizing significant advantages for designers of various indoor/outdoor lighting, appliance, and gaming applications.
The cutting-edge ceramic package comprises low thermal resistance providing superior heat dissipating capability, also withstands ESD voltage up to 8000V. Available in white, warm white, blue, green, yellow, and red, this low power consumption, IR reflow solderable device is specially designed for automatic pick-and-place mounting process to reduce manufacturing costs. The element encompasses moisture sensitivity level (MSL) rating of 2a with longer floor time of 4 weeks, enabling designers to have great flexibility during assembly process.
About Kingbright:
Kingbright Corporation is a leading LED manufacturer with a global presence. For over 28 years, Kingbright has delivered the highest quality LED products, technological innovations, and unparalleled customer service around the world. Headquartered in Taiwan, Kingbright’s dedication to vesting R&D projects and developing full line ultra-high-efficient LEDs remains the core mission. With the immense production capacity of its TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified manufacturing plants in China, Kingbright continues to exceed many expectations worldwide. For more information, please refer to